spot: local heroes (1/4) heike makatsch „late night shopping“

13. Oktober
ab 20:00 uhr

heike makatsch trieb sich bis anfang der 90er in ihrer heimatstadt düsseldorf rum, bevor sie zum viva-girlie und dann zum anerkannten filmsternchen wurde. „late night shopping“ stammt aus ihrer zeit in london.

der film stellt eine art britischer anti-romcom dar; da er nur auf englisch erschienen ist. diesmal ausnahmsweise die filmbeschreibung auf englisch:

late night shopping (2001) is a comedy funded by filmfour productions. the film is about four young friends (sean, vincent, jody and lenny) who all work the graveyard shifts in various soul-killing jobs (the hospital, a supermarket, a factory and a call centre, respectively) then meet up in a cafe after their shift to talk about nothing and generally kill time.

each of them has very little of a life, apart from their tedious jobs and meeting each other in the café. sean hasn’t met his girlfriend for three weeks and is beginning to wonder if she still lives in his apartment. vincent is a womanizer who makes a rule of never seeing a girl more than three times. lenny thinks of every woman he sees as a porn actress but can’t even pluck up the courage to talk to a workmate that he wants to ask out for a date. jody can’t force herself to tell the other three that she was fired from her job, but still shows up after her „shift“ every night to talk. jody tries to convince sean to go home early to see madeline, but despite making it as far as the train station, sean doesn’t go home. meanwhile sean strikes up an unusual friendship with the girlfriend of a coma patient………..

uk, 2001, 91 min. omou.
mit luke de woolfson, james lance, kate ashfield, enzo cilenti, heike makatsch u.a.

filmbeginn : 20.30 uhr